When mechanical dynamic design becomes the next outlet——Volvo Recharge Concept

Three months ago, Volvo released a pure electric concept car. Originally this year, major brands released their own pure electric platforms or models. I was not surprised until the car headlight design of this concept car attracted my attention.

After Volvo has tried various shapes of Thor’s hammer, Thor’s second stage hammer will be launched online.

This car adopts a minimalist design style and it looks high-end magnificent and classy. But the carlamp design is still mediocre, still Thor’s Hammer style or Viking Tomahawk style.


Concept animation

Real car animation

Do you remember the GS8? The highlight of the GS8 is that the metallic mask slowly opens, as if Iron Man opened the helmet and revealed Tony’s face.


As for this type, In addition to the z-direction and x-direction synchronous movement of the thick-walled block, the main light source part also has an x-direction movement. To solve the reliability problems such as vibration, the structural personnel can be exhausted.

This real car should be just a prototype. Will this concept be mass-produced? According to the grapevine, this concept headlight will be adopted on the next-generation XC90. As for which lamp factory is responsible for the operation, it is still in the confidential stage. I believe that the lamp factory that can undertake this kind of headlights is extraordinary.


So the question is, it seems like the main light source of this carlamp is usually hidden behind the thick wall. If you want to flash the high beam quickly, how to do? Let us know your answers in the comments section.

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