How to maintenance required light at ordinary times?

Daily inspection of car lights is an important matter. To ensure your driving safty, you should check your car carefully before driving. The content of the light inspection includes whether the headlights offset or the light is sufficient. Knowing the status of the car lights in time can effectively avoid accidents. So, do you konw how to check car headlights? Or how to maintenance required light at ordinary times?  Here are three suggestions that might help you.

1. Clean the light bulb

The headlights of automobiles are generally made of polycarbonate plastic material, which has good durability. However, under the irradiation of sunlight, accumulation and oxidation will occur over time. The surface of the headlamp can become oxidized and yellow, and become attached to dirt and debris. So, frequently wiping the headlights is one of the secrets to maintenance required light.

You can scrub the headlight by using absorbent cotton soaked in ethanol. Be careful not to carry out the operation when the bulb is still warming up just after being extinguished, as this will damage the bulb.

2. Replace the bulb regularly

If you find that the brightness of the car lights is insufficient, you need to replace the lights in time. Generally speaking, when the vehicle travels for 50,000 kilometers or about 2 years, the brightness of the bulb will decrease. Replace both sides at the same time to keep uniform brightness and ensure driving safety.

3. After cleaning the engine compartment, Wipe off residual water

After cleaning the engine compartment, open the engine hood to dry, and remember to wait until the engine compartment is dry before using the car. Otherwise, the residual water in the engine compartment will turn into water vapor, which can easily enter the headlights, causing the lights to fail to function normally.


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